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Tough contest ahead for Shikarpur seats

Shikarpur, Sindh: Tough contest is expected on all national and provincial assembly seats of district Shikarpur on May 11, 2013 in the general elections.

Shikarpur was founded by Daudpottas in 1617 who ruled it for about 130 years as an independent estate. Later it was ruled by Mughals, Iranians, Durrani Pathans and British rulers when the ancient city was surrounded by a mud wall with eight gates.

During British era in 1843, Shikarpur was given the status of a district while the change of district headquarter to Sukkur was made in 1883. Shikarpur was again given status of district during the Zulfikar Ali era in 70’s.

During the British rule, Shikarpur remained as military base up to 1861. It got a municipality and its first high school was established in 1873. A district hospital named Rao Bahadur Udha Das Tara Chand RBUT Civil Hospital and Chetal Das and Seetamal C & S College were established in 1933.

Shikarpur has produced many notable politicians including Shaheed Allah Bux Soomro, who became Chief Minister twice in Sindh during the period of British government. He was a devoted nationalist who formed Sindh Azad Party in 1942 aimed at restoring the solidarity of Sindh and protecting the fundamental rights of Sindhi people. He joined the Quit-India Movement of Congress and he returned his title of Khan Bahadur to the Viceroy of British Government. He was martyred in 1943 by political rivals.

Other politicians of this city include late Sir Ghulam Hussain Hidayatullah Shaikh Ansari, late Ali Bux, late Khan Bahadur Agha Jan Muhammad Khan Pathan, late Agha Ghulam Nabi Khan Pathan of Sultankot, late Agha Badaruddin alias Badarealam Durrani, late Agha Sadaruddin Khan Durrani of Garhiyasin, late Khan Bahadur Ahmed Khan Sadhayo, late Haji Mehboob Ali alias Haji Kora Khan Bhayo, late Khan Bahadur Muhammad Panah Dakhan of Dakhan town, late Haji Moula Bux Soomro, late Rahim Bux Soomro, Shaheed Mir Altaf Ahmed Bhayo of Jagan, late Agha Tarique Khan Pathan, late Nadir Hussain Khan Kamariyo of Tarai, and late Junaid Ahmed Soomro Presently a good number of senior and junior politicians belonging to the previous political families are in the arena to fight May 11 general elections.

According to final list of contesting candidates declared by the Returning Officers concerned, the 69 candidates including 12 for NA202 Shikarpur I, 09 for NA203 Shikarpur-II, 15 for PS9 Garhiyasin1, 8 for PS10 Lakhi2, 11 for PS11 Shikarpur3 and 12 candidates for PS12 Khanpur4 are in the field to fight elections.

All the political tactics are being adopted by the candidates as to approach the community based voters who were ignored in past door to door as well as the community notables and tribal chiefs individually and from the party level to get their sympathies.

However the actual competition is expected between five major political parties including Pakistan Peoples’ Party Parliamentarian PPPP, National Peoples Party NPP, Pakistan Muslim League Functional PMLF, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf PTI and Jamiat Ulemae Islam Fazl JUIF on two National and four Provincial Assembly seats in the district.

The candidates who will contest elections are as under: On NA202 Shikarpur1 there are 12 candidates to contest election but the actual competition between three main candidates: Aftab Shaban Mirani of PPPP, Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim Jatoi of NPP and Maulana Abdullah Pahore of JUIF.

On NA203 Shikarpur2, nine candidates are there but actual competition will take place between two candidates PPPP candidate Sardar Wahid Bux Khan Bhayo and Ghous Bux Khan Mahar of PMLF.

On PS9 Garhiyasin1, 15 candidates will contest for Provincial Assembly seat but tough fight is expected between two main candidates including Agha Siraj Khan Durrani of PPPP and Zulfiqar Ali Kamariyo of PMLF.

On PS10 Lakhi2, there are eight candidates but the real competition will be between Kamran Mahar of PPPP and Muhammad Shaharyar Khan Mahar of PMLF.

On PS11 Shikarpur3, there are fourteen candidates but actual competition will be held between three main candidates: Agha Taimoor Khan Pathan of PPPP, Iftikhar Ahmed Soomro of PTI and Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh of PMLF.

On PS12 Khanpur4, there are eleven candidates but the main rival are Allah Dino alias Mir Babal Khan Bhayo of PPPP and Mir Abid Hussain Jatoi of NPP.

Total population of district Shikarpur as per census of 1998 is 880443. Total number of Registered voters is 489018 257324 Males & 231694 Females.

The constituency wise details of registered voters are as under: NA202 Shikarpur1, Total Voters: 260355 Male 137933 & Female 122422.

NA203 Shikarpur2, Total Voters: 228663 Male 119391 & Female 109272.

PS9 Garhiyasin1, Total Voters: 129438 Male 673559 & Female 62079.

PS10 Lakhi2, Total Voters: 107311 Male 56329 & Female 50982.

PS11 Shikarpur3, Total Voters: 127236 Male 67834 & Female 59402

PS12 Khanpur4, Total Voters: 125033 Male 65802 & Female 59231

The details of polling stations and polling staff as under:

Total Polling Stations: 408 Male 109, Female 109 & Combined 190.

Total Most sensitive Polling Stations: 126

Total sensitive Polling Stations: 165

Total Polling Booths: 1307 Male 664 & Female 643

Total District Returning Officers: 01

Total Returning Officers: 02

Total Assistant Returning Officers: 04

Total Presiding Officers: 408

Total Assistant Presiding Officers: 2614

Total Polling Officers: 1307