Friday, January 27

Urdu Literature: Historical novels have historic importance: moot told

KARACHI: Writing an historical novel is a uphill task because it’s a mixture of historical facts and fiction, but readers must read it as a novel. The essence of history in such novels is secondary, it depicts the culture of common man and their emotions which is not found in historical archives and documents, that’s why historical novel’s importance is historic. These views were expressed by Professor Dr. Ali Mohammad Fatimi from Department of Urdu, Allahabad University, India at the research workshop entitled “ Trends on Research and Criticism on Urdu Literature in South Asia” organized by Pakistan Study Center, University of Karachi.

Dr. Ali added that in few novels, women are the “heroes” whose lead and pivotal roles make the other characters significant and important. Culture of comparative research is becoming popular. He also lauded the research in Pakistan on Urdu and Urdu literature.

Meanwhile, faculty members of University of Karachi who are working under Tenure Track System (TTS) will now get their salaries on monthly basis like other faculty members of the varsity. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Mohammad Ajmal Khan took personal interest on this issue faced by TTS faculty members that they were not getting their salaries on monthly basis and now they will get their salaries on monthly basis from January 2018 onwards.