(CITY): Drosh Polo ground restored after 40 years for Polo players.

CHITRAL:,,, Polo ground of British regime at Drosh reopened after forty years, the colors of the polo ground were restored. This polo ground, also known as Janali in the local language, remained deserted for forty years due to apathy of the authorities. . Now, for the first time, the polo ground repaired and open for polo matches. . The Communications and works Department (C and W) have released Rs. 6.76 million for this polo ground while the Tehsil Municipal Administration has started work on construction and repair of its link road. These development works were inaugurated by Wazirzada Kailash, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Minority Affairs.

Under the supervision of TMA Drosh, construction of Link Road for Shah Nigar was also started for which the Tehsil Municipal Administration had provided Rs. 2 million.

Wazirzada also inaugurated the Sanitation Scheme Madina Colony Junali road, Darosh funded by TMA Drosh at a cost of Rs. 1 million. TMA Drosh also launched a sanitation scheme in Khorandok at a cost of Rs. 500,000 and Wazirzada formally inaugurated the work.

He also inaugurated Koro Link Road for which TMA Darosh has approved a fund of Rs. 1 million. Wazirzada also re-inaugurated the RCC Bridge at Osik, the foundation stone of which was also inaugurated by Chief Minister Mahmood Khan. The Communications and works Department has sanctioned a fund of Rs. 100 millionre for this bridge and thousands of people will benefit from it.

TMA Drosh has also sanctioned Rs. 1 million for Link Road Linga. This road was also inaugurated by Wazirzada. TMA Drosh approved a fund of Rs. 3 million for link road Pothnianda and it was formally inaugurated by Wazirzada. After that Wazirzada left for Shishi Koh Valley where he inaugurated the protective wall Kishndel with the help of TMA Darosh. This protection wall will cost Rs. 1 million. He also visited the village of Kalas in the Shishi Koh Valley. The village was in grave danger from a nearby flood canal and the canal was recently devastated by floods. The Irrigation Department has allocated Rs 3 million. The work was started but the formal inauguration was done by Wazirzada. He went to the relevant canal to inspect the work after Maghrib and expressed satisfaction over the work.

A ceremony was also held last night in Kalas village of Shishi Koh- valley in which the people of the area, mostly religious scholars, thanked him releasing of Rs. 3 million by provincial government for the protection of Kalas village.

Locals thanked Imran Khan for giving Chitral a special minority seat despite the fact that none of his party’s candidates had won, and the member of the provincial assembly was also given the portfolio of special Assistant to Chief Minister for Minority Affairs.

Wazirzada also thanked the entire Muslim community for whose love a few thousand people of Kailash are living in peace today. He assured that he is not a commission eater and heads of all departments have been warned that he is not willing to compromise on the quality of work. Engineer Tanveer of TMA Darosh said that the condition of roads in the historic town of Darosh was very bad. Now the Construction of these roads has started which will facilitate the people and get rid of these problems. Haji Gul Nawaz thanked the provincial government for providing such a generous fund for the development of this area and now this area will also be counted among the developed areas.

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