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150 Hindu pilgrims stranded in flash floods

April 13, 2019

QUETTA:More than 150 Hindu pilgrims were stranded in mountainous terrain of Bolan due to heavy flash floods. However, efforts were made to rescue them.

Member Provincial Assembly Danesh Kumar said that more than 150 Hindu Pilgrims were going to pay visit to their temple situated in the mountainous terrain of Sani Suran, district Bolan, but they went stranded due to flood after heavy rains. He said these pilgrims have been located and government resources were being utilized for their relief and rescue.

These pilgrims were on their way to “Hari Sir Duta Mandir” situated in hilly area. The only mode of travel in this difficult area is camel ride and it takes about seven hours from Suran to reach this ancient temple.

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