18-year-old bloody dispute settled in Madeji


RATODERO:A grand jirga was held in Madeji town on Sunday under the leadership of Zulfiqar Ali Kamario, which decided a 18-year-old dispute between Junejo and Joyo communities.

One murder of each community was proved in the jirga. A total fine of Rs 3.9 million was imposed on both sides. The decision was accepted by both sides after which they embraced each other. Syed Asif Shah and MNA Khurshid Junejo also headed the Jirga.

The dispute had started over the ownership of a piece of land. After hearing talks of both sides, Rs2.2 million were imposed on Joyo community for killing Sajid Junejo and injuring two others while Rs 1.7 million were imposed on Junejo community for murdering Abdul Malik Joyo and injuring another. The disputed land was granted to Junejo community when they took oath that the requisite land belongs to them.

Azhar Kamario announced the decision before a large number of people belonging to both communities. The fine amount will be paid in instalments and the disputing communities were warned not to take lead in starting dispute again or they will be fined double.

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