KARACHI: Twenty more seasonal influenza or H1N1 suspected cases have been reported in Karachi, taking the reported cases’ toll to 100 in one and half month.

According to the Influenza Emergency Control Room, some 20 new seasonal influenza suspected cases have been surfaced in the city, taking to number of reported cases to 63 in month of January so far. A total 100 patients have been diagnosed as H1N1 viral flu in private hospital of Karachi city in one and half month.

The plan of Sindh government to procure 20,000 doses of Trivalent (preventive vaccines against H1N1 virus), diagnostic material and kits has also delayed due to unknown reasons, while no progress has been made to obtain 80,000 dozes of the vaccine from WHO & Unicef so far.

Experts said this disease is caused by influenza virus. Fever, sour throat, flue, head ache, body ache, cough, may be productive, and upper respiratory tract infection are the symptoms of the disease. If these symptoms are not treated properly this can lead to lower tract infection, laryngitis, bronchitis, lungs infection and pneumonia, which could become fatal for the patients.