KARACHI: The 8th March is being observed as “World Kidney Day” throughout the globe. Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on this occasion wishes to provide awareness among the masses for the prevention of the kidney disease, says a release.

In Pakistan more than 20 million people are suffering from this disease. Pakistan ranks eight in kidney diseases causing 20,000 deaths every year. Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is rapidly growing in Pakistan due to late diagnosis, kidney stone disease and increasing number of patients suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Consuming junk and low quality food, self-medication or excessive use of medicine, low water intake, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and renal stones are a few common causes of kidney diseases. Toxic drugs and fake medicines have their own considerable share in kidney damage.

To avoid kidney diseases, it is necessary that diet and lifestyle should be healthy and people should live a simple and active life. The best way to prevent kidney failure is early diagnosis of underlying disease and aggressive treatment; otherwise, permanent kidney damage occurs that can prove fatal for the patient.

PMA guideline to avoid kidney diseases is as follow: take plenty of water or liquids, always take healthy and nourished diet, regular exercise, always, monitor your blood pressure and blood sugar level, do not consume tobacco in any form, patients with hypertension and diabetes should not break or discontinue their treatment, avoid taking excessive salt and sweets, do not take junk food and beverages, avoid self-medication particularly taking pain killers and antibiotics and always take advice from the qualified doctor.