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24th Death Anniversary of Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Sadozai observed

December 1, 2016

QUETTA: Twenty-fourth death anniversary of Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan (Sadozai) Durrani observed on 29th November at Sadozai House Quetta.

The ceremony was started by recitation of Holy Quran. On the occasion, both office bearers and members belonging to Sadozai Qaumi Welfare Organization Balochistan and Sadozai tribesmen gathered at the Sadozai House Quetta to pay tribute to their Tribal Chief with simplicity, with the commitment to follow the footprints of Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan (Sadozai) Durrani in true sense, while special prayers were also offered to pay respects and tribute to the peace of departed soul.

The Sadozai Qaumi Welfare Organization Balochistan organised a meeting at Sadozai House to pay tribute to the late Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Sadozai. The meeting was addressed by prominent Sadozai tribal leaders including Caving legend, Environmentalist and Patron-in-Chief Sadozai Qaumi Welfare Organization Hayatullah Khan Durrani, further Chairman SQWO Sardar Ahmad Khan Sadozai, President SQWO Wazirzada Dawood Khan Sadozai, Nasrulla Khan Durrani, Habibullah Khan sadozai, Nadir Khan Sadozai, Asghar Khan Sadozai, Kamran Khan Sadozai, Engr: Naseebullah Khan sadozai, Ashrafuddin Sadozai, Samiullah Khan sadozai, and National Canoeing Champion Mohammad Abubakar (Sadozai) Durrani. Special prayers were also held on the occasion for peace and prosperity of the country.

Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan (Sadozai) Durrani was born on 10th October, 1919 in the Sadozai dynasty of Durrani Tribe, an ethnic Pashtun section of the Popalzai sub clan in British India Quetta. He was the first male of his family formally educated in British India.

After his father’s death, his uncle Abdul Majeed Khan Durrani became his guardian. Being a responsible son and grown up adult, he soon assumed control of his father’s business. He built a strong multifaceted career; being a social welfare activist, a politician and one of the greatest Sadozai Pashtun tribal chiefs. He was the chief of the Sadozai tribe in Balochistan and also founded the Sadozai Qaumi Welfare Organization to voice the basic rights of his tribe and to help the victims of 1935 massive earthquake of Quetta. He was renowned student activist of Muslim Student’s Federation Balochistan for his extraordinary efforts and activities, Khan Abdul Ghafoor Khan Durrani, the legendary leader of the Muslim League and chief of Durrani tribes introduced him in Quetta to Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Father of the Nation.

He played a key role in the Pakistan Independence Movement in Quetta, being a loyal Muslim league friend of Quaid-e-Azam. His best friends were Khan Abdul Ghafoor Khan Durrani (leader of the Popalzai Durranis and head of All-India Muslim League in Balochistan) and Khan Mohammad Sadeeq Khan Ghalzai (his father-in-law from Loralai), Peer Zainuddin Algillani, Meer Ghulam Nabi Marri (Shaheed), Haji Mohammad Hashim Khan Ghalzai, Chaudhry Mohammad Anwar, Haji Mirza Khan Peichi of Loralai Meer Shahdost Khan Shahwani, Khan Jaan Kassi, Haji Mohammad Yousaf Khan Ghalzai and Taj Mohammad Khan Mengal. Shahzada Rehamatullah Khan Durrani disconnected the relations with his Half Brother Abdul Rasheed Khan Durrani on the disputes of property and land in 1992.

Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Durrani had also served as a sponsor of Balochistan’s first Adventurers Association and a well-known Football Club in Quetta. This is how the distinguished person of the clan descended and served as an example for all.

Later his sons also served as an exception and followed the footsteps of their honoured father. He gave birth to eight sons the eldest son of Rehmatullah Khan is Sardar Ahmad Khan Sadozai Durrani (Chairman Saddozai Qomi Welfare Organization Balochistan), followed by Noorullah Khan Durrani (Mr. Runner-up Pakistan in all Pakistan Body Building contest 1967) now settled in Harran Norway, Nasrulla Khan Durrani serving in health Department Balochistan, Hayatullah Khan Durrani (The Eminent Mountaineer and Caving Legend of Pakistan, Pride-of-Performance recipient ), Niamatullah Khan Durrani serving in Pakistan Customs Department, Habibullah Khan Sadozai settled in United Kingdom now in Hyderabad is his eighth and last son.

His grandsons are even not far too in setting examples for the rest of the world and bringing fame to their clan. Pakistan’s Junior / senior Canoe and Kayak Champion Mohammad Abubakar Durrani is his grandson. Mohammad Abubakar Durrani is the youngest athlete to have won the “Player of the Year Award” and is the only Kayaking player to have won this outstanding award in Pakistan eight consecutive times since 2007. He participated in the 14th and 15th Asian Canoe Sprint Championships held in Tehran Iran 2011 and in the historical city of Samarqand 2013. Abubakar Durrani is also a Producer / Director and owner of Abdali Productions. His English language documentary film “The Great Adventurers”, of Abdali Productions is very popular which is based on the true story / events of relief operations at Wam village, Ziarat District following the earthquake of 29 October 2008 on the other hand his short film “Un-Expected” is also very famous. He is a student of Computer Engineering in BUITEMS Balochistan, Mohammad Umar.

Durrani, Naseebullah Sadozai, Samiullah Khan Sadozai, Tamy Khan Durrani, Kalimullah Khan Durrani, Bismillah Khan Durrani and Enamullah Durrani are the grandsons of Shahzada Rehamatullah Khan Sadozai.

No great man lives in vain. The history of the world is but the biography of great men. Shahzada Rehmatullah Khan Sadozai, also known as Gull Agha, served as a beacon for his clan; the ethnic Pashtun Sadozai tribe section of the Popalzai sub clan of Durrani Abdali Pashtuns in Quetta Balochistan. He died from cancer on 29 November 1992 at the age of 73.

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