3 gunned down over land dispute

Larkana: Three persons were gunned down and six others were injured in a dispute between Bhutto and Khuhro communities in the limits of Ketty Mumtaz police station near Naundero on Monday morning.

This dispute has so far claimed 13 lives which started over ownership of about 3200 acres land located in the riverine area, police sources said.

The victims include Momin Kurio, Sadoro Kurio and Naheed Narejo.

The injured include Hatim Kurio, Gulzar Kurio, Suhno Kurio, Sattar Kurio, Hakim Narejo and Hote Narejo.

According to the relatives, all the injured and dead were shifted to Naundero hospital after six hours and when police reached the spot and tried to halt firing.

On hearing the sad news, the relatives of the dead and injured gathered at Rural Health Center, Naundero in large number. After postmortem the dead bodies were handed over to the heirs for burial.

Police sources said that the first dispute occurred on 29th September 2012 when two persons namely Zaman Khuhro and Ali Ahmed Khuhro were killed and since then this bloody dispute is continuing since last six years in which so far 13 people have been murdered.

Ghulam Akbar Kurio, younger brother of deceased Momin Kurio, told reporters that they are farmers of Sardar Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, adding they were going to riverine area to cut firewood on their donkey carts, when 10 to 15 persons of Khuhro community opened firing on them.

On the other hand, Essan Khuhro, Kamdar of Sardar Asad Khuhro, said that some armed men of Mumtaz Bhutto attacked their village in the wee hours and the firing was retaliated.