3 political cousins want to destabilize govt, says Marriyum

ISLAMABAD: Three political cousins are trying to act as ABC team of the unknown fortune tellers and are engaged in last ditch unconstitutional effort to destabilize a government which came into being with the mandate of the people because they have realized that the people of Pakistan will not vote for them, said Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting, National History and Literary Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb.

Talking to the media outside the Ehtsab Court here Tuesday, she said that previously two political cousins had built containers to block development in the country and now the containers were being prepared against the Constitution of Pakistan. The two cousin were engaged in conspiracy against the elected government when it had unleashed behemoth package of development projects including CPEC, road networks and Metro besides reforms in the health and education sectors and had initiated a decisive action against the terrorists.

The minister said only PML (N) was the A Team of the masses because under the dynamic leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, its government had fulfilled all the pledged that it had made with them in its election manifesto.

Marriyum said that the PML (N) government had effectively tackled challenges like energy crisis and load-shedding therefore the opponents were scared of its popularity and the result of the by-election in Chakwal was before everybody.

The minister said that the people were well aware of the agenda of the elements who wanted to foment chaos and anarchy in the country and could very well distinguish between the government which had worked for their welfare and prosperity and those who only had expertise in building containers.

She said that all the projects initiated by the PML (N) government were nearing completion and as against it the detractors of the government had not even made any effort for development in the provinces where they had their governments.

Pointing out the hypocrisy of those elements the minister said that they used to vehemently criticize Metro Bus Project but now they were trying to prepare feasibility for the same.

Marriyum said that PML (N) believed in service to the masses and was even today working with unswerving commitment for the fulfillment of the pledges that it made with the people, while the opponents were building containers to bring them on the roads.

The minister pointed out that the former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz had said that he would continue to build road networks and those elements would continue to traverse them.