3 seasonal flu cases in private hospital

KARACHI: As many as 43 people have been diagnosed with seasonal influenza virus out of which 38 were diagnosed H1N1 positive in Aga Khan University (AKUH) Hospital in last three weeks.

This was stated by AKUH’s Dr Bushra Jameel in a press conference held on Tuesday. She said that seasonal influenza cases were often reported in the months of December and January. However, she asked the citizens not to get too much worried about as it was not a deadly virus.

Dr Bushra stated that the virus attacks children, elders and diabetic patients very often; therefore, they should adopt preventive measures for influenza virus.

Experts said the disease is caused by influenza virus.

Fever, sour throat, flu, head ach, body ache, cough, may be productive, and upper respiratory tract infection are the symptoms of the disease.

If these symptoms are not treated properly this can lead to lower tract infection, laryngitis, bronchitis, lungs infection and pneumonia, which could become fatal for the patients.

The seasonal influenza is a viral disease that could spread from one person to other. The pre-cautionary measures should be taken by the general public to avoid complications of this disease.