80% peope who consult doctors have liver and gastroenterology: Seminar told


KARACHI:Prof Amanullah Abbasi, Registrar Dow University of Health Sciences, has said that 80% people who seek consultation with doctors in general OPD have complaints related to liver and gastroenterology.

He was speaking as the chief guest at a seminar held in collaboration with Pakistan Society of Gastro Interology Sindh chapter entitled Functional Gastroenterology Disorder at Arag Auditorium of Dow Medical College. Prof Badar Fayyaz Zuberi, Prof Shahab Abid, Dr OM Parkash, Dr Lubna Kamani and Dr Nazish Butt also addressed the seminar, while a large number of senior faculty members and students attended the event.

Prof Abbasi said that a patient suffering from Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) experienced difficulties in his daily chores and routine as the quality of life remained unaffected because such a patient did not feel low energy or inactiveness. However, lungs and esophagus get affected due to the outward flow from stomach and esophagus.

He said that the main symptoms of GERD included heart burn, chest pain and upward flow of gastric acid reflex. He highlighted the reasons for the disease, as saying that obesity, smoking and laziness due to little to no physical activity, but these were insufficient reasons as the use of some drugs and medications also becomes the cause of this disease.

He added that gastric acidity affects the lining of the esophagus, which is called Barrett’s esophagus – and can progress to cancer as the disease progresses. He emphasized for changes in lifestyle and eating habits to prevent gastrointestinal diseases and improve the quality of life. Dr. Amanullah Abbasi told that he discourages surgery in gastroenterology; surgery is not needed if the patient is improving on medication.

Speaking at the seminar, Prof. Badar Fayyaz Zubairi addressed the issue of constipation, saying that this is the complaint of usually about 11 to 23 percent of the population. Mostly men in our society and women in the West suffer from it; the main symptoms are abdominal pain and changes in bowl movements. If the symptoms are more severe in people over the age of 45 years, colonoscopy or endoscopy may be done for diagnosis.

Dr. Nazish Butt said in her presentation entitled Peptic Ulcer that the number of people infected with different types of this disease is 10% in Pakistan. Gastric ulcer is found in older people, while duodenal ulcer is found in young or younger people. She told that peptic ulcer is caused in people suffering from stress or eating out. She stated that a disproportionate amount of pepsin acid, H. pylori bacterial infection, use of NSAID type drug, Z syndrome and A-type personality are the other causes of this disease.

Eating in this ulcer provides comfort, but people feel pain after few hours. Other symptoms are intermittent abdominal pain, weight loss, nausea and vomiting; the disease is diagnosed by Endoscopy. She said it is treated with medication, but surgery is needed due to complications of bleeding, obstruction, or perforation. Later, Prof Amanullah Abbasi distributed the certificates to the participants.