85% female experience harassments in Karachi: Experts

KARACHI: “Every woman has a story behind her, some have courage to tell it to the world, and some are not confident enough to share with their family even. 85% female witnesses harassment of different kind on routine basis at various public places throughout the city, most importantly during traveling via public transport. It is known to all that we have full-fledge procedure of law with a view to file complain against cases pertaining to harassment but women usually feel frightened to report cases of such nature which certainly becomes a taboo in our society, said Prof. Dr Khalida Ghaus, Managing Director, Social Policy and Develop Centre (SPDC).

She was addressing to the interactive seminar on the topic “The protections against harassment of women at workplace”, organized by Ziauddin University. The objective of this event was to create an in-depth awareness in the society regarding harassment faced by the females in our society and making all effective measures to nip this evil of harassment in the bud from all the facades of our society.

Dr Ghaus further stated that we need to provide knowledge related to the actual mean of harassment; we need to exaggerate the level of self-belief, optimism and confidence in woman to communicate with men pragmatically and boldly. The burden of self-esteem, respect and dignity that a woman is carrying on her shoulder is the main reason that she fails to confess how she is being exploited. Collectively we need to work on this we should break stereotypes; we should give them strength to raise their voices.

Famous model and actress Sarwat Gillani provoked women to speak louder; she said nobody is going to speak for us it’s our responsibility to speak for ourselves. We should stop harasser at first place. We should learn to say NO. We have this law for the last 8 years but unfortunately many of us don’t know about this law, we should aware public about this law as much as we can.

Social activists Advocate Zia Ahmed Awan said that in our society discrimination starts even before the child is born. Large number of cases for harassment that I have received is mostly of maids. While addressing to the audience he said “you are not a good person if you are not helping others. Let’s work together, let’s think about voiceless people.”

Psychologist Dr Atia Naqvi motivated women by saying that “You have to hold your heads high, you have to make yourself strong , trust your judgment don’t hide your feelings if you are not comfortable with anyone say it louder, learn to treat yourself with respect, otherwise it would be difficult for you survive in this society”.

Prof Dr Sirajuddaula Syed, Senior Pathologist, talking to the audience said that we are living in a society where females are handicapped and can’t speak for their rights. We as a society should teach them about their basic rights.