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A female dancer demands from IGP to give protection

Peshawar: A female dancer from Lahore living a miserable life here in Peshawar has alleged that Mazhar Hussain has given life threat and demanded of the Inspector General Police (IGP) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to provide her protection.

“I have been in Peshawar for two years after my brothers refused to accept me as their sisters”, Sana narrated her ordeals during a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday.

She said that she went for dancing programmes only to earn livelihood meanwhile Mazhar made friendship with her and began coming to her home on daily basis, who she added forcing her on seducing and selling hashish and drugs when she goes for programmes.

“She blamed his whole family is involved in selling drugs” she alleged. She told that when she refused to fulfill his demand, then he started blackmailing and life threats as well.

She informed that after her lodging First Information Report (FIR) in police station, the person was arrested but he was released on bail who started life threats and acid-throw

When asked how she came to Peshawar for dancing profession, she narrated that dancing was not her family profession and she was married woman in Lahore but her husband was an unhinged man. “My beat me with sticks daily”, she sobbed and added her parents have died, so she kept on complaining to her brothers but none of them listened to her ordeals even they disowned her.

She told that she met a smuggler woman in Lahore, who belonged to Multan, brought her to Peshawar for smuggling cloths to Punjab but the work, she did not like and the smuggler woman handed over her to other Punjabi prostitutes living in Peshawar as she (Smuggler) had relations with them.

“For one month, I had Hijab but after it other prostitutes compelled me to remove the veil in order to earn money”, lamented.

“Death is better than a prostitute, life of a female dancer is less important than a dog”, she expressed her painful life. She added that she also wants a good life to be wife of someone.

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