QUETTA: Decision on FATA should be made according to the desires of its people. Licences of prohibited bore weapons should not be ended till law and order situation is improved. We would play our democratic role for foiling no trust motion against Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri. Keeping in view country’s stability friendship should be established with Afghanistan.

These views were expressed by Chairman Pahstoonkhwa Milli Awami Party Mahmood Achakzai while addressing an emergent Press conference at MPA hostel here Tuesday.

Achakzai said that reforms are being brought in FATA for which a committee has been constituted. No member of this committee belongs ot FATA but members of committee should tell him which tribes are dwelling in FATA. He said PMAP has a clear stance about FATA that undemocratic clauses of FCR should be annulled and an elected council of assembly should be formed for the area. And decision should be taken according to the will of the area. President of Pakistan can do all this with jerk of pen. We want if something has to be done for people of FATA then announcement should be made for abolishing FCR and FATA should be given elected governor. If any decision was taken against the will of the people of by force situation may go worse. Our forces are always very busy in the country. If there is disturbance in the country situation may go worse. He said crime rate in FATA is very small compared to the country. For country’s stability issue of FATA should not be touched.

He said federal government was abolishing prohibited bore weapons licences. If sane people are made unarmed then thieves would enter into our houses. We do not possess weapons not support them. Law and order situation was very bad in the country particularly in Balochistan and Khyber Pashtoonkhwa. When there is peace in the country we would deposit our weapons to the State but presently target killers and criminals were wondering in every streets of the country. If we are unarmed then we would not be able to defend ourselves. In Quetta so far two thousand people have been killed but no killer has been arrested yet nor killed. People should not be left at the mercy of killers by rendering them unarmed. If need be resolutions would be moved at national and provincial assemblies against the federal government decision. PMAP has always raised voice against May 12 incident. It is only party which speaks of it but Government cannot be toppled on the basis of Model Town incident in Lahore.

Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri was being punished for supporting his party leader Nawaz Sharif and party eldership, supremacy of parliament, constitution and democracy. PMAP would do its level best to foil no trust motion against him. We ware with him. There is no doubt Nawaz Sharif is most popular leader of Pakistan. The manner Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz were defending democracy is very correct.

Mahmood Achakzai said Imran was his friend of APDM and he has no enmity with him. If he speaks of supremacy of democracy, constitution, and Parliament as fountain head of power he has friendship with him and an alliance can be made with him.

He said it is his opinion that we should have friendship with Afghanistan and speak of Peace here. Nawaz Sharif has also been punished as he always said friendship with Afghanistan and working relations with India. If we do not do this nor CPEC would be formed nor would we make progress.

He said corruption is problem of Pakistan and we would resolve it. There is no institution where there is no corruption. If we have to put country on right track we all have to end corruption. Khalid Langav and Mushtaq Raisani were not so powerful to commit such a major corruption. He said may be commission and kickbacks are received but it does not mean no development work has been carried out.