Ahsan Iqbal-Press


QUETTA: Pakistan is in ‘State of War against terror.’ Some political elements were at work to divided the country internally and weaken it. This is not time to confront with each other but to face terrorism with unity. Enemy’s motives against Pakistan are very clear and we have to defeat it with our unity and strategy. Terrorists backbone has been broken after Operation Zarb e Azb.

These views were expressed by Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal at a Press conference here Sunday.

Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri and Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti accompanied him.

IG Police Ahsan Mahbub and Secretary Home Akbar Harifal were also present.

Ahsan Iqbal said defeated terrorist elements carry our coward acts to maintain their existence time to time. He said time is not far away when such acts would end.

He said we are in state of war and when nation is in state of war it needs internal unity. Those who are trying to destroy internal unity of Pakistan they are enemies of Pakistan and not friends. He said when nations is engaged at any front it should sink all its differences and has to win war with unity and solidarity. Some poetical elements were trying for some months and years that Pakistan is weakened internally and divided. We are fighting such a war and they were dividing nation on political disputes. He appealed to political leadership and Opposition parties this not time to confront each other but time to down terrorism and enemies of Pakistan. We have to win this war for future of Pakistan and to secure future of Pakistan.

Ahsan Iqbal said situation today have improved than in 2013.Terror incidents have minimized remarkably. Terrorists back bone has been broken. They are at higher side in 2013 and State in grip. Today they are encircled by State. He said enemy’s face is not clear but their several attempts have been foiled. Countries like German and United States who have resources and information are often fail before terrorism.

He said terrorism prevail in Pakistan because of specific situation in the country and weak government structure in Afghanistan. But during past four years successes have been achieved against terrorism. Federal government was extending cooperation to all provinces. Our enemy is very wicked and has motives against Pakistan. He asked law enforcement agencies and governments to further coordinate their efforts and cooperation because this war can only be won through unity and clear strategy.

Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri said that five years earlier there were six to 7 explosions on daily basis in the country. But terrorism has decreased considerably. WE have overcome terrorism to a great extent. We did not sit silent as of previous governments. We took elements involved in terrorism to task with the help of security forces. Terrorists strong holds in Balochistan were destroyed. He said handful of elements would also be taken to task shortly.

Home Minister Sarfraz bugti said 14 people have been martyred and 46 injured in Pishin Stop explosion here last night. He said two countries have borders with Balochistan. Thousands of people cross borders without documents on daily basis. But security forces were paying their role for defence of every inch of the country.

He said threat of terrorism in Quetta existed and sufficient measures were adopted but claiming Pishin Stop explosion as security lapse is wrong. Government and security agencies were taken measures for security to life and property of people.