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QUETTA: Following unjust partition of sub continent India has imposed one sided war on innocent Kashmiris. She was openly violating human rights in Kashmir. Pakistan has raised Kashmiris voice at every forum. Strong Kashmir is guarantee of Pakistan’s progress. Kashmir and Pakistan are incomplete without each other. India was occupying Kashmir for 70 years and has committed extreme brutality there but Kashmiris did not withdraw form their right to plebiscite nor they would.

This was stated by President AJK Sardar Mohammad Masood Khan while addressing a Press conference at MPAs hostel and speaking at photographic exhibition about Kashmir issue.

Sardar Masood said he was in Balochistan for three days. Love he received from government and people he was thankful to it.

He said India has always tried to exert pressure eon world power to cover up its atrocities but Strong Pakistan is guarantee for Azad Kashmir and Held Kashmir and end of relation between Kashmir and Pakistan is impossible. After partition of sub continent India started its cruelties and excesses in Held Kashmir which was continuing yet. He said People and government of Pakistan not only supported Kashmiris in Held Kashmir but made Kashmir issue alive at every forum. But there is need for more practical work for resolving Kashmir issue.

He said problems of Kashmiris living in Balochistan would be resolved along with the provincial government. Hearts of Kashmiris living here beat Azad and held Kashmir.

He said Kashmirliberation movement was continuing form 1932 during which our elders and forefathers. Then under Amritsar agreement Maharaja Gulab Singh bought whole of Kashmir for 7.5 million and since then entire Kashmiris nation has been made slave.

History of atrocities against Kashmiris is very long. In 1947 when English left sub continent Pakistan and India were freed. Kashmiris also struggled for their freedom but major portion of Kashmir remained deprive of this blessing upon which India has made usurped occupation.

Local people freed 15 thousand square miles area by force which is called Azad Kashmir. Had India not taken the issue to the United Nations Held Kashmir could have been freed then. He said UN Security council decided to hold plebiscite on Kashmir issue under the supervision of United Nations through democratic process but India did not implement such resolutions.

He said after 70 years new movement has come into existence there and India occupation force has injured 20thousand people so far. One thousand young girls and boys have been deprived of eye sight. Situation in Held Kashmir is major tragedy of present time. Now India was applying different tactics to change proportion of population there.

Answering a question he said he would talk to Government o f Balochistan and Federal Government for end to illegal occupation at the Kashmir Housing Scheme in Balochistan and all resources would be mobilized for resolving the problems.

Answering another question he said Pashtoon brothers are living in different parts of Kashmir for long and leading peaceful life. Reservations expressed during Balochistan visit would be probed on his return and they would not be allowed to confront any difficulty, he added.

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