QUETYTA: National dwelling in Balochistan have to play their role for securing rights of the province and its progress and prosperity. We want to see Balochistan at a destination where other nations are living. To get rid of problems internal and foreign policies have to be framed in consultation with true people‘s representatives. We make it clear we would not withdraw from rights of people of the province in any case..

This was stated by President Balochistan National Party and former provincial Chief Minister SardarAktharMengal while addressing a ceremony organized by former MNA and central leader of party Syed Nasir Abbas here Sunday.

LashkariRaisani and Nasir Abbas also addressed the gathering.

AkhtarMengal said if we see Balochistan of 30 year earlier there is great change but maybe it is positive and bring smile on our faces and we had been breathing in an independent environment. Unfortunately it is not so. World making progress was planning for future how to life a life. But graveyards were increased in our plains and plots instead of buildings.

We are thinking how to live our life and world was making progress. When a young man leaves his home for education or securing employment his parents are worried if their son would return alive or his dead body would come.. This fear has distanced our people from education and employment. Situation has reached at a place we are not joining happiness of each other. The manner English ruled here whose language and religion was altogether different but nothing happened with us then. But this country where we are living is Islamic Republic then why our graveyards, religion, sects and nations are not safe. No area is secure. Hazara community has been limitedPeople from Hazara tribe were martyred but they know about their graves and they go to these grave and offer Fateha. Our people are waiting for their near and dear ones for years.

Dead body found is unrecognizable. We were people of a prosperous country but whatever was being happened with us now was not our fate. We are deprived of two times bread, education and health. Our cities are becoming isolated and graveyards are increasing.

He said situation with which our country was confronted our true representatives have to make internal and external policies to get ri do them. So long politicizes are framed at the dictation of people from outside problems would not resolve. He said after 70 years there is talk of AghazHuqooqBalochistan and after such a big time rights of the province were being reminded. He said it should be told who looted our right s and where were you. No nation makes progress with charity and zakat but from rights. He said to us Allah and his beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) most important is our people and land and we would not withdraw from it. We are not oppose dot development but for this it is necessary people of Balochistan should be given their rights.