Al-Khidmat social services benefit 0.9mn people


KARACHI:Al-Khidmat Sindh released last year’s performance report, saying at least 0.9mn people were benefited from its social welfare services.

Education, Health, Rug, Water, Infantry of Children, 9 million people were benefited from social service

President al-Khidmat Sindh, Dr. Saeed Taseem Jafrier, while reviewing the performance of 2018, said that taking care of orphans and making them a useful citizens, education and training of women, giving soft loans to skilled people, setting up schools in small villages, medical treatment poor patients, and support of disabled people, supply of clean water in water-deficient areas were amongst the services being offered by them in Sindh.

He requested philanthropists to support Khidmat Sindh in this noble cause.

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