Amend laws to tame trigger-happy cops, Altaf Shakoor

Karachi: Policing and crime-control laws introduced by the British rulers to tame and govern their enslaved colonies are still in vogue in our country and it is overdue to amend these black slavery laws and rules to restrain our unbridled and trigger-happy police from killing innocent people in staged encounters, demanded Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor.

In a statement here Monday, he said extrajudicial killings of innocent citizens at the hands of police have tarnished the soft image of Pakistan in whole word. He said the colonial rulers had enacted their crime control and policing laws and rules to tame and keep suppressed an enslaved nation. He said these laws suited the needs and interests of the then British masters, but sadly even after the independence of the country these salve-control laws and policing methods are still operational in our society.

He said in fact the Pakistanis are yet to get a real independence, as after the white-skinned masters now they are being ruled by blacked-skinned masters, who are crueller and more inhuman. He said the laws and rules in Pakistan are inbuilt to serve the interests of the elite class and keep the enslaved people more slaved and more obedient. He said the Parliament should take this matter seriously and overhaul all criminal and civil laws and rules to make them civilized and people-friendly. He said big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Faisalabad should be given elected police commissioners so that they could serve the masses instead of serving feudal lords, Waderas, bureaucrats, politicians and MPs.

He said in whole world the mega urban cities have their own policing systems and these success stories should also be replicated in Karachi and Lahore. He said political interference into the police department should be ended for good and only competent, honest and professional cops should be hired to make a crime-free society. He said all serving cops should be made bound to sit in new exams and tests to prove their educational standards and fitness to serve in police force. He said a rigorous training should be introduced for all serving cops to enable them for a better policing.

He said the concept of community policing should be seriously contemplated and community policing on modern lines should be introduced in Pakistani cities, towns and villages. He said out outdated laws have given a license to kill to our trigger-happy cops and without amending the present law and rules we cannot make our police a human-friendly force.

Altaf Shakoor appealed to the apex judiciary and parliament to play their due role in amendments of existing police and crime control laws and rules and give Pakistanis better and civilized laws that could cater the needs of an independent country and independent nation.