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QUETTA: Divided Pashtoons land in the country cannot be allowed to keep under hand nor loot of its resources cannot be allowed. Elected representatives of FATA have decided its merger with Khyber Pashtoonkhwa therefore real face of those demanding for referendum has become open to the Pashtoons.

Awami National Party would not compromise on on FATA-KP merger, CPEC Western Route, transparent Census and disgracing attitude against Pashtoons in Punjab, imposing ban on them for trade and travel and return of tribes to Waziristan and their rehabilitation.

This was stated by President ANP Balochistan Asghar Achakzai, Provincial Joint Secretary Jamaludidn Rishtia, Provincial Spokesperson Mabat Kaka and others while addressing a function at Bacha Khan Centre here Thursday.

Regional Secretary Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami party Tariq Jamil and 70 people announced to join ANP.

Welcoming new comers to party folds Asghar Achakzai expressed the hope their joining is godo news for prosperous and bright future. He aid authoritative forces had formed artificial and opportunist groups againt Fikr Bacha Khan who spared no efrt to destroy the homeland. Pashtoonkh land was bathed with blood and arson. Keeping personal groups, families interest as dear national collective interests were pushed back. Parties sharing power at the Centre were sitting with those causing miseries with Pashtoons.

They were keeping mum over withdrawal from CPEC Western route, August 8 incident and serious law and order situation. Summoning jirga against merger of FATA-KP is matter of concern for political Eastern thinking political workers. This has revealed their real face.

He said ANP would not rest from any sacrifice for rights of Pashtoons by promoting vast sightedness, nation friendly democratic politics.

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