QUETTA: Election of Abdul Quddus Bizenjo is part of democratic behavior. Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PMAP) has been fighting for promotion of development values. We do not work on other’s dictates. The trend development in the country is regretful.

This was stated by Agha Liaqat Ali PMAP candidate for CM slot at today’s election while congratulation Abdul Quddus Bizenjo on his election in provincial assembly Saturday.

He aid for Allah’s sake Abdul Quddus Bizenjo should be allowed to complete his period in government. He said PMAP nationalists have proved that we are not corrupt. He thanked all those who cast votes for his favour today.

President Balochistan National Party and former provincial Chief Minister Sardar Akthar Mengal said he congratulates Liaqat Agha on completion of democratic process today. His difficulties are over. No congratulations for Quddus Bizenjo as for him difficulties have started. Today is very difficult for him ( Akhtar Mengal) and his party. We did not commit any crime but took no step for dissolving any government. Vote had cast once for forming a government in the history and made a government. In 30 years of political carrier time has passed by remaining in Opposition but becoming part of democratic process still he ws feeling a crime. I do not expect form Quddus Bizenjo he would do all the best during short span of six months as he would face challenges and difficulties which were being faced since 70 years of the existence of this country. Quddus Bizenjo would not bring peace in couple of months in Balochistan where no masjid, mandir, church, imam bargah, roads even schools are not secure. When those who complete their tenure failed to do this Quddus Bizenjo would have many difficulties. Balochistan National Party is political Democratic Party believing in right to self determination and we are struggling for it. History is witness we faced every difficulty and every challenge in democratic way. When Quddus Bizenjo contacted him he told that he should guarantee he would not dissolve assembly on the success of no trust and establishing new government.

He said Dr Hamid Achakzai said Army Chief has announced to continue democratic process. Quddus Bizenjo has also assured then he has nothing to say.

Akhtar Mengal said moving no trust move third time in Balochistan is also an example. People form one party move no trust against own party in collision of Opposition. Rulers are responsible for today’s situation. These are injustices which are going on from day one and situation in Balochistan has reached to this point due to these injustices.

He said Gwadar which was being named all over the worked people are deprived of drinking water. He said he would seek guarantee form Chief Minister that he would announce at least one Cancer hospital in the province. People of my party he added would provide land for this hospital anywhere in the province. He said we were part of Opposition and would continue to play this role.We faced dictator like Pervez Musharraf and his undemocratic moves. If Quddus Bizenjo’s government took any undemocratic steps we would stand fin front of him as well.

Kairm Nosherwani, Maulana Abdul Wasay, Jan Jamali, Agha Raza, Khalid Langav, Prince Ahmed Ali, Dr Hamid Achakzai, Zamrak Achakzai, Saleh Bhotani, Jaffar Mandokhel , Dur Muhammad Nassar, Mohtarma Anitya irfan, Mohtarma Kishwar Ahmed Jattak, Abdul majid Abro, Dastgir Badini, Maazullah, Abdul Malik Kakar, Izhar Khosa, Muhammad Khan Lehri, Gulab Khan Kakar, and others also spoke and congratulated Quddus Bizenjo on his election as Balochistan chief Minister. They hoped that new Chief Minster would improve good governance in Balochistan.

Later Speaker read out Governor’s message and prorogued the House.