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Baloch said good governance not possible with arrests of opposition

July 2, 2019

LAHORE:Deputy chief of the Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that even if the government arrested all opposition leaders, it won’t be able to establish good governance or overcome the economic crisis.

He was talking to a delegation of students from Balochistan at his residence. Liaqat Baloch said that normally, the image of the establishment remained unaffected due to the failure of the political leadership but this time, the position of both the government and the state were at stake.

He said that instead of taking measures to check price spiral and unemployment and reducing the cost of production, the government was engineering administrative and political crisis. The JI deputy chief supported the strike of the traders and said that the budget imposed by the IMF was not acceptable.

Referring to the situation in Balochistan, he said that the problems of Balochistan people were created by the connivance of the state and the Sardars of the province. He said the youth and the students of Balochistan loved the country and wanted to lead respectable lives. However, he said, the wrong policies of the federal and the provincial governments were worsening the situation in the spheres of education, health and employment. He said that in such a situation, the anti-state forces got the opportunity to play their game. He strongly protested over the crisis of electricity and water in Gwadar.

Replying to a question, he said that the political turncoats were a scar on the face of politics and democracy. He said that those changing parties had were shameless people but the parties accepting them in their fold were more to be blamed as they not learnt any lesson because such elements had not been loyal to anyone.

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