Bijarani’s funeral prayer to be offered in Kashmore today

KARACHI:The funeral prayers of Sindh minister for planning and development Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, who was found dead alongside his wife from their residence in DHA area of the city on Thursday, will be offered today in Kashmore district, while his wife Fariha Razzaq Haroon’s funeral will be offered in Karachi.

A large number of law-enforcement personnel reached the residence and cordoned off the premises on Thursday. Police launched investigation into the deaths of Bijarani and his wife.

DIG South Azad Khan on Friday said the initial investigation and post-mortem report suggested that the minister first shot dead his wife, Fariha Razzaq and later fired himself in the head. He said that three bullets wounds found the body of Fariha.

“On the basis of the available crime scene, circumstantial evidence and initial post-mortem report,itappears that Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani killed his wife and then committed suicide with the same weapon,” the press release said.

Azad Khan said bullets found at the crime scene were fired from the same gun, adding that house was locked from inside and was opened by Bijarani’s son and servants.

During the investigation, it was surfaced that there was a quarrel between the couple for many past days, the DIG said.

He said “The crime scene was secured and properly photographed. Forensic, fingerprint and investigation teams were called.

DVR of CCTV cameras installed at the house has been seized”.