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Bilawal asked to help for treatment of paralyzed boy

NAUNDERO: An 11-year boy is suffering from mysterious disease due to which his entire lower part of the body has been paralyzed and he is unable to walk.

Mudasir Kalhoro, son of Gulab Kalhoro, a resident of Shahnawaz Bhutto Colony, when visited by a team of journalists, said that he wanted to study but was unable to walk.

He said that his parents specially aged mother was helping him a lot to sit on a wheel chair through which he can move; otherwise, he was disabled. His father Gulab Kalhoro said that he tried his level best to get the treatment for his ailing son and spent all his money by selling cattle but his only son could not be recovered yet.

He said he took him to several specialist doctors and got his various tests but nothing had so far been diagnosed by them. Boy’s mother Gulshan Khatoon said that they had spent all what a poor poverty-ridden family can save for their future over her son’s treatment, but so far without any result due to which they had now become penny-less.

She said that it was very difficult for them to earn for three-time food to feed other kids. She said that when Mudasir was born he had an infection at backbone due to which they took him to a doctor and since then, he was under treatment. She said that she had four children, including three daughters, and only this son, adding her husband is a laborer earning food daily for them.

The family appealed to PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah to get their son treated on humanitarian grounds at government expenses in the name of martyred Benazir Bhutto so that her only son might be able to get education and become their bread-earner.

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