Bilawal’s speech in English was a future strategy: Khurshid Shah

SUKKUR: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MNA Syed Khurshid Ahmed Shah said on Saturday that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s speech in English was a future strategy, which Prime Minister Imran Khan could not understood.

He said: “Imran Khan should also tell why he makes speech in English to please his lords. Criticism on Bilawal’s speech is a sign of narrow mind. It is unfortunate that Imran cannot make national politics. Khan also does not have any future plan and is unable to meet promises,” he said while speaking at a ceremony in Sukkur.

Shah said: “The nation sees that the Prime Minister is still talking of container stories. “The thinking and vision of Imran Khan is immoral. We have always tried to create a consensus political will, but Imran has no future plan, which is unfortunate.”

He said the government had double standard as one invites and other make criticism. The defeat of India is due to having no one ideology to its politicians. India has two ideologies – one is Modi’s war ideology and other is people’s peace ideology.

The PPP leader said that they did not spoke even a single word against Imran in the Parliament despite his controversial attitude.

It may be noted that PM Imran Khan had said that it was clear that PPP Chairman was unaware that the greatest percentage of people living in Pakistan do not understand the English language, including people in the assembly.

Soon after Imran’s criticism, Bilawal on Friday tweeted: “I wish our PM could work up the courage to respond to Modi or talk against banned organizations with the same tone he frequently criticizes opposition. Also if he wants to respond to my NA speech should do so in parliament to my face. Cowards talk behind people’s backs.”

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