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BRIT Chief-Census

KALAT: Baloch population has been shown very small during recent census.

This was stated by Baloch Rabita Ittefaq Tehreek (BRIT) Chief Prince Mohyuddin Baloch while speaking with Newsmen by telephone from Karachi Wednesday.

Prince Mohyuddin said prior to start of Census process he had attended various meetings prior during and after Census and told FC, administration and Census conducting institutions that People shift to Sindh and other hot areas during February, March and April and they return to Kalat after wheat harvesting. But Census was not delayed for a month or two in Kalat as in other areas.

He said Baloch population has been shown very small in Census. Apprehensions he expressed prior to Census came out to be true. He spoke of this issue at every forum that Kalat is among coldest areas of the country and it lacks facilities and half of Kalat population shifts to hot areas during cold weather. He told that during this season there will be such houses where there is not a single person. He said the manner they do not understand matters of Balochistan they also did not understand correct time for Census in the area.

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