BRIT Women President

KALAT: Political governments have failed to ensure rights to the people while during military governments law and order was better. Baloch nation is united under leadership of Baloch Rabita Ittefaq Tehreek (BRIT) Chief Prince Mohyuddin Baloch and provincial President Prince Yahya Baloch.

This was stated by President BRIT Women Wing Sara Abdul Karim while speaking to women on return after perfuming Umrah. She said in Balochistan major development was done during military regimes and law and order improved. Baloch got maximum rights during their period. While corruption and nepotism remained at its peak during political governments. And those returned by people’s votes fattened their pockets and did nothing for poor people of Balochistan.

She said Prince Mohyuddin Baloch is only leader of Baloch nation who leading Baloch nation in a better way and struggling for their rights. She said Baloch nation has been untied due to his efforts. She appealed to Baloch women to join BRIG and strengthen hands of Prince Mohyuddin.

She paid rich tributes to former President BRIT Women Wing and said she rendered valuable services for Baloch Rabita Ittefaq Tehreek which would be remembered for every.