Broken road near Parking Plaza goes neglected

Karachi: Broken road and footpaths near the Lines Area Parking Plaza Saddar go neglected while a large number of motorists, commuters and pedestrians using this busy road brave immense problems.

Traffic flow everyday remains chocked near the Parking Plaza due to the broken road, overflowing gutters, illegal garages of motor mechanics who repair vehicles on road and footpaths, and other illegal shops on encroached footpaths including teashops and furniture sellers.

A garbage dump just in front of the local girls’ college and a main mosque is a big question mark on the performance of the concerned civic agencies. A main street just behind the Car Parking Plaza is encroached upon by commercial washer men, who have erected illegal structures on its footpaths, badly clogging traffic flow. These illegal laundry factories are the main cause of chocked gutter system in the area as they freely discharge not only laundry wastes, but also garbage and filth into gutter lines. Dengue, malaria and other vector diseases are on the rise in this heavily populated area, but the concerned departments are yet to device ways and means to improve sanitary situation here.

The Lines Area Car Parking Plaza, itself, is a sorry picture of sheer neglect. Its two-storied modern shopping plaza is yet to be utilized by the KMC to earn much needed revenue. The KMC can also use this two-storied shopping plaza as a service, complaint and billing center to facilitate the Karachiites, but the bosses running the KMC lack such vision.

Citizens have requested the concerned authorities to get repaired the broken road and footpath near the car parking plaza, besides ensuring a proper mechanism of opening chocked gutters and regular collection of garbage. They have also appealed to shift the garbage dump near the girls’ college, besides razing all sorts of encroachments and illegal structures in this traffic congested areas and its side streets on priority basis.