KARACHI: Representatives of all markets’ associations are advised to nominate their representatives for a meeting with Rangers authorities in the next three to five days so that extortion issues could directly be brought to the notice of Rangers by the sufferers. Any businessman or associations, who have been acting as facilitator to extortion mafia due to any kind of helplessness or fear, must immediately stop all such activities and admit the same before police and rangers.

“We will review all such cases and see how we can help. People should immediately seek our assistance before paying and we will help and support them. If timely contacted, we will make sure that protection is provided to them. Any small trader, who has been arrested by rangers on charge of facilitator to extortion mafia and has admitted the same, will have to face the consequences,” said BMG group chief Siraj Kassam at a meeting held on Sunday.

He stated that it had been observed that small traders had refrained from lodging their complaints and usually approached law enforcing agencies after paying the extortion money. The law and order situation in Karachi is much better now as compared to the past.