KARACHI:,,, Pak-Qatar Takaful (PQT), Pakistan’s Pioneer and the Largest Takaful Group, recently at a special ceremony event, honored Lahore Qalandars owner Mr. Fawad Naeem Rana for his inspirational service to Pakistan, especially in the field of sports and Cricket.

Fawad Rana was presented a gift of PKR 10 Million Individual Family Takaful coverage by Mr. Azeem Iqbal Pirani, CEO – Pak-Qatar Family Takaful along with Muhammad Waqas Durrani, Head of Individual Life, Agency, and Marketing, Pak-Qatar Family Takaful.

Speaking at the event, Fawad shared his journey and his passion for sports and said, “At first, I have always remained a fan of the sport for Pakistan. Then, I love cricket, and I wanted to play my part at its best to bring cricket back to Pakistan.”

He further added on to share his story of how Lahore Qalandars came about and the philosophy behind the name Qalandars by saying, “Where I am today is because of my mother (now deceased). I spent exclusive time with her for 22 years before her demise. The success I have had is a result of her prayers. Her memory and advices played a pivotal part in naming the Lahore team as Qalandars, which in its true essence reflects direct Pakistani and Islamic association that means being selfless and fearless like a Qalandar.”

Azeem Pirani, CEO, PQFTL concluded the ceremony by thanking Mr. Fawad for sharing his views and inspirational words of wisdom that uplifted the spirits of all in attendance. Pak-Qatar Takaful, continues to support various Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, including supporting sports for the youth of Pakistan.