Clean drinking water report ready to submit in SC: Sindh CM

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said on Saturday that after holding six consecutive meetings with all the department concerned and going through facts and figures, has prepared a report for provision of clean drinking water and safe environment to the people of Sindh for submission in the Supreme Court of Pakistan in CP NO.38 of 2016.

This he said this while presiding over a one-point agenda cabinet meeting here at the CM House today to take all the cabinet members into confidence on the improvement of existing water and sanitation system and future endeavors. He told the cabinet that the report comprises over 132 pages which contains 381 schemes which are as follows: The ADP schemes of water supply and sewerage system; district-wise report on which all points from where municipal, hospital and industrial sewerage is discharged in ultimate source of clean drinking water; summary of hospital waste treatment in all districts; summary of industrial effluent treatment in all the districts; summary of proper sewerage system along with treatment plants with proper source of discharge in all districts; list of district-wise sewerage schemes for rural areas of Sindh, included in ADP; component-wise physical and financial progress of Greater Karachi Sewerage Plan S-III, details of five combined effluent treatment plants project; details of Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme, K-IV phase-I of 260 mgd and district-wise report showing the plans with their cut-off date for ensuring uncontaminated water for every district according to its population.

The implementation of the entire plan would cost around Rs 400 billion, the chief minister said. The cabinet discussed and approved the report for submission in the supreme court. The chief minister also told the cabinet about his appearance before the chief Justice of Pakistan in the water case and had briefed him about the efforts his government was taking for the purpose.

He said in the light of the direction of the supreme court, the report has been prepared with the plan to implement water and sanitation plan. The cabinet approved the report and authorize the government to present it in the Supreme Court of Pakistan. An additional item of new IG police appointment was take up. The cabinet was informed that the federal government has again sought a panel of three officers of grade B-22 who have more than two-year service to retire. The cabinet approved three names, Sardar Abdul Majeed, Arif Nawaz and Maher Khalid dad Lak for new IG police and directed the cabinet to send the letter to the federal government today.

Another item taken up in the meeting was shifting of Anti-Terrorism Courts from Clifton to Central Jail Karachi. There are 33 ATC courts notified by the government, of them 27 courts are functioning and six are lying vacant. The cabinet was told that the ATCs working at Clifton, near Bagh-e-Ibne Qasim are required to be shifted to Central Jail where a beautiful and most secure building has been established for Rs240 million to house the ATC courts.

The chief minister said that it becomes quite difficult to transport terrorists from jail to ATC Courts Clifton for hearing. This is why the provincial government on the request of judiciary has established ATC courts at Central jail.

The chief minister said that the government would establish a beautiful library in the building from where ATC courts are being shifted to central jail. The cabinet took up another item of Sindh Industries Registration Act 2017 as additional agenda. It provides for registration, organized and planned growth of industries in the province.

Minister for Industries briefed the chief minister on the bill. He added that with the registration and planned growth, the industries department would be able to make necessary planning to provide necessary facilities such as treatment plants, roads and other related infrastructure. The cabinet constituted a subcommittee under Minister for Industries, Minister Labour, Chairman P&D Mohammad Waseem to revisit the bill so that it could be made in the interest of the industrialists.