CM greets Pakistani boxer


QUETTA: Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has congratulated Pakistani boxer Mohammad Waseem over his victory in the Silver Title of World Boxing Council Sunday. He said Waseem has brightened name of Pakistan and Balochistan in the world by defeating his opponent boxer in the bout which is matter of great proud for Balochistan.

He said Sunday that Waseem has got this position was hard work and training and hoped he would also secure more successes at the international level.

He said youth of Balochistan have great talent and they can be put on road to success by providing them opportunities to move forward.

He said land of Balochistan is very fertile and it needs minimum help.

Balochistan boxers have always shown the best performance in sporting events including boxing.

Chief Minister said provincial government was taking measures for promotion of sports and encouraging talented players. It would also patronize Mohammad Waseem.

He also congratulated Parents of Waseem and his trainers.

Sports Minister Mujeebur Rehman Mohammad Hasani expressing pleasure over the success of Waseem for his victory in WBC Title bouts announced Rupees 0.5 million prize.