QUETTA: We have come to the arena sincerely for development of Balochistan. People would feel change soon. Youth are builders of our future. Besides government service we would launch an important for them to help end unemployment. Some elements were hurdles in the development of Balochistan and their conspiracy has been unveiled.

These views were expressed by Balochistan Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo while addressing laptop distribution ceremony and speaking with Newsmen here Monday.

Provincial Ministers, MPAs, Chief Secretary and other senior officers were also present.

Chief Minister said we all were expressing solidarity with Kashmiris jointly. We want to make it clear to India that unless Kashmiris get freedom and rights people of Balochistan are with them He said he was proud of today’s programme because he was playing host to future builders of Balochistan and laptops he was distributing was right of youth on merit. He said youth would put Balochistan on road to development and they should pay attention on their education. He said Balochistan development is linked with youth. If they acquire education and become good citizen they can take the province ahead. He said development of Balochistan is development of us all. Unless youth strengthen our hands we cannot be successful. They should strengthen hands of government. Unless Balochistan is strong Pakistan will not be strong. We have to strengthen Balochistan and Pakistan.

Bizenjo said ours is backward province and to end its backwardness we have to fight war to remove this backwardness. Youth have important responsibility. He said we have started cleanliness campaign in Quetta and other areas of Balochistan. Young people should come forward and participate in this campaign. He said cleanliness is Half of Eman and is example of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Speaking with Newsmen Chief Minister said that we are out with sincerity of purpose for development of Balochistan and people would feel change in one month. He said MPAs expressing trust in him made him Chief Executive of the province. Being Chief Minister it was his responsibility to do work which becomes example for new elected representatives. He said we do not make claims of mega projects but would do something putting Balochistan on road to progress. He said Safe City project was in doll drums for last eight months we opened these files and awarded tenders to Chinese companies. When process of tenders are completed work on it would be started.

He said cancer hospital was long standing demand of people and wit would soon be opened. Similarly work on three medical colleges which was quite slow has been speeded up. He said in Balochistan problems are much and we are taking measures to resolve them. But those who file application for employment should submit their applications with concerned department. We would provide them employment on merit. He said Balochistan was to launch a project to help benefit youth besides ending unemployment in Balochistan.

He appealed to the people of Balochistan if they have any complaint doors of Chief Minister Secretariat are open. They can bring their complaints there. He said earlier CM Secretariat was made Red Zone but we have opened it for people and every one can come there to preset his problem.

Referring ot Senate elections Abdul Quddus Bizenjo said that parties included in Government would take decision in larger interest of the province. PPP leader Asif Ai Zardari is respectable for us and he has right to make his people successful.