CM-Passing out parade


LORALAI: Prevalent situation of country and province demands all strata of society should play their effective role for establishing peace and success of government efforts for people’s welfare. All segments should come forward to dispel negative propaganda about CPEC and to aware masses of the usefulness of this project.

These views wee expressed by Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri while addressing recruits passing out parade here Thursday.

Provencal advisers Sardar Dr Mohammad Nassar, Obedullah Babat, IG FC Major General Sher Afgun, IG Police Ahsan Mahbub, officers of FC and tribal elders were also present.

Chief Minister inspected the parade and recruits completing their training presented salute to the Chief Minister.

Zehri said CPEC is mega project for prosperity of Pakistan particularly Balochistan and its completion would usher in new area of economic development. Anti state forces were working to foil CPEC and creating lawlessness in the country. We all have to work jointly to foil these conspiracies and evil designs of anti state forces. He said country particularly Balochistan is faced with problems like terrorism and lawlessness. Foreign agencies in neighbourly countries were conspiring to create instability, lawlessness and chaos in Pakistan. Under this situation joining Fortier Corps Balochistan is challenge for new recruits. He said 3400 recruits form all over country were to join different units of frontier corps on completion of their training today.

It is satisfying that youth form far flung and backward areas of Balochistan were joining Frontier Corps to discharge duty of defence of nation and country and service.

Nawab Zehri said he was happy and pleased to see magnificent turn out of passing out parade today. No doubt FC was an effective organisation of Pakistan which was not only protector of long borders with Iran and Afghanistan but is also responsible for checking smuggling of illicit weapons and narcotics and establishing peace and order in the province.

He said so far around 700 jawans have given their lives to discharge their duty in exemplary way. He pays tributes to all thee martyrs and their relatives also. We are proud of our martyrs he said adding his family also presented sacrifice for Pakistan and would continue to do so.

He said terrorists were now running. We promise of nation so long even single terrorist was left we would not sit in rest. We all are on one page and youth of our forces are brave

Addressing FC jawans Chief Minister said they would definitely face difficulties in coming day for discharge of their duty for the supremacy of country nation but he was fully confident of their abilities. He was sure they would come to the expectations of the nation. He expressed that passing out recruits would not only remember magnificent history and its traditions but would increase them.

He said today nation has put heavy burden of responsibility on their shoulders and there is dire need for eman, taqwa, jihad fi sabeelillah for confident and high training.