CM-PML-N lawyers Wing


QUETTA : Despite all conspiracies Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif did not leave patience and has done politics with tolerance and decency. Two hundred million people are with him. Like Pakistan, People in Balochistan have also given full mandate to PML-N and it would also win success in 2018 elections on basis of its performance. People are real accountable makers and no individual has right to demand resignation from an elected Prime Minister.

He expressed these views while speaking with a delegation of PML-N Lawyers Wing here Thursday. Delegation was led by provincial President Tariq Mahmood Butt Advocate.

Senior Vice President PML-N Sardar Yaqoob Nassar, Advisers Sardar Dur Mohammad Nassar, Mohammad Khan Lehri, Deputy Mayor Mohammad Khan Lehri and other were also present.

Chief Minister said lawyers role in restoration of democracy has been praise worthy. It is satisfying that lawyers of Balochistan showing political and democratic behavior did not take part in High Court and other courts against Prime Minister. He said Prime Minister is very clear that Supreme Court verdict would be accepted. Opposition should wait for this decision. Raising hue and cry prior to judgment is not understood.

He said some people ar e in haste to come to the power. He said such politics has already caused colossal loss to the country and we have cut one part. We did not want due to unserious attitude country is harmed again. We do not believe in politics of confrontation. Anti government people should wait for 2018 and go to people.

He said Prime Minister and PML-N would emerge victorious in Panama case and 2018 elections. He said conspiracies against Prime Minister are in fact conspiracies against CPEC and country’s development which commenced form 2014. Envisioned people foiled Dharna 1 and Dharna 2 and they would also foil Dharna 3. He aid enemies do not want country to should make progress. There are examinations of nations and such nations come out victorious who known how to sacrifice. We would also give all sorts of sacrifices for country and nation.

He said CPEC would be completed and all mega projects would also be completed and its credit goes to Prime Minister.

He said when there is PML-N government and Nawaz Sharif become Prime Minister he and his team put country on track again but at the same time conspiracies are hatched .

Referring to atomic tests Chief Minister said that Nawaz Sharif discarding international pressure including of America and made Pakistan nuclear State and for this international conspiracies were being launched against him and he was deprived of power. He said Nawaz Shari f is first leader of the world who on return from exile made government with majority and people gave them full mandate. He allowed PPP government to work for five years with wisdom and allowed PTI to form its government in Khyber Pashtoonkhwa and National Party an allied party was given government in Balochistan .

He claimed PML-N is largest party of the country and we do not believe in power but politics of values. This is the reason we get popularity form people.

He said international impartial bodies are of the view present government has put Pakistan on economic development and country’s economy would further strengthen by 2020 and by 2025 Pakistan would be counted in major economies of the world. He said if Balochistan makes progress country would develop. Peace and development are must for each other. Owing to government steps peace and stability was returning to normalcy and situation was improving.

ZEhri said improving law and order is topmost priority of government and civil and military institutions were making coordinated efforts yielding better results.

He asked lawyers wing to fully participate in Lawyers Convention to be held on July 28 in Lahore so that message of solidarity for Prime Minister form Balochistan goes there.

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