CM-Rabiul Awwal message


QUETTA: Balochistan chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has said that Rabilul Awwal is most sacred and holy month for Muslims in which Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) came to the world as Rehmatul lilalameen and removed carks of illiteracy with light of eman.

He said this in his message on Eid Miladun Nabi Thursday.

He said following Uswa Hasana we not only improve our life individually and collectively but can also improve aaqibat. He aid to face challenge confronted to Ummah and from infidel forces we must follow path shown by Holy Prophet and his teachings. Life of Holy Prophet is beacon light for us. Observing patience tolerance Holy Prophet proved that Din Islam is a religious which would remain till end. He faced immense difficulties and problems to popularize message of Islam but never bowed before infidelity and always showed patience for supremacy of Din Islam.

He said we should repledge that would be foil conspiracies of difference among us and will not refrain from any sacrifice for supremacy of Din Islam.

He prayed May Allah enable us to lead our lives on principles of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

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