CM visits Christian Colony Warsak Peshawar


Peshawar: Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak visited Christian Colony Warsak Peshawar on Saturday soon after attending a meeting of the APEX committee at Governor’s House. The Chiristian Colony Warsak witnessed yesterday a failed attempt of terrorism by four terrorists that took lives of one civilian and one official and rendered a few injured.

The Chief Minister inspected the place of occurrence and later went to meet the members of the bereaved family. He remained with them for some time, condoled and sympathized with them.

Chief Minister assured them for all possible help, adding that they should not feel alone in this odd hours. He said his government was faced with different kind of challenges and they were constantly offering sacrifices. He said after all challenges, we emerged as a more united and strong nation.

“We know our enemy, its designs and we have the capacity to defeat our enemy”, he added. He said the security forces engaged against the terrorists had the support of the people and our security forces would defeat them, he added.

Pervez Khattak assured the members of the family of the terrorist attack that the government and the security forces would follow the terrorists till the end and would defeat them with the backing of the people. He appealed to the people to close their ranks against the enemy and show their unity that we are a different kind of united and strong nation which stood against terrorism as a united and strong nation.

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