Coast Guards seize huge Hashish near Gwadar

TURBAT: Pakistan Coast Guards seized huge narcotics near Turbat.

PCG sources told PPI Monday that they were tipped of smuggling of huge narcotics from coastal areas of Balochistan. Keeping in view DIG PCG Brigadier Sajjad Sikandar Ranjha ordered concerned Commander for checking of land and sea route in the area.

Coast Guards spotted a suspected Toyota Hiace in kutcha area near Nillat (Gwadar) last night. Search of the vehicle led to 60 bags containing 1000 Kg Hashish. None was present in the vehicle. It is apprehended that it was being smuggled out of country.

Coast Guards impounded vehicle and Hashish. Legal action was underway. Seized Hashish costs Rupees 1242 million (11.29 million dollars) in international market.

Sources said Pakistan Coast Guards are in action for checking of all sorts of smuggling and to strengthen country’s economy.