Commuters suffered because my projects kept in limbo, says former mayor

Karachi: Naimatullah Khan, former City Nazim said millions of commuters of the port city suffered unnecessarily for years because the commuting and transport projects initiated by him were kept in limbo by his successors.

Greeting the inauguration of the northern bound of Lyari Expressway (LEW), he said that the apathy of rulers this very important project not only braved a delay of 15 years but also caused an extra burden of Rs23billion on the national exchequer.

He recalled that his city government had not only launched the LEW project but also ensured a speedily work on it during its tenure. He said the project was in its final stage when his tenure as City Nazim Karachi ended. He said during his tenure, the affected people were provided with pieces of land as compensation.

Khan said the governments that came in power after his tenure were responsible for inordinate delay in the LEW project.

He further said that his city government had also launched several other infrastructure projects for Karachi that were put on the back burner soon after new city government was elected.

Talking about the issues of public transport in the city, he said that his city government had devised a mass transit project. Had the subsequent governments completed it, the Karachi commuters would not have suffered a lot unnecessarily, he concluded.