Thursday, December 8

Concern shown over sugar import at Rs123 per kg

KARACHI: Central Information Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians and the member of the National Assembly Shazia Atta Marri said Monday that the federal government had looted the national exchequer by importing the sugar on expensive rates.

She said in a statement that the decision to import sugar at Rs123 per kilogram was nothing but a loss to the national exchequer. Marri said that the government had decided that the sugar would be sold at Rs 85 per kilogram to all utility stores, questioning that Rs 38 would go into whose pocket.

She added that no one would buy such expensive sugar in the open market as Imran Khan was making his financial facilitators richest. Khan had appointed his financial facilitators in every ministry and department related to the economic affairs. She questioned the government that had all the sugar mills in the country closed? She further said incompetent Imran government had made the county’s economic condition worst due to bad policies.