Tuesday, February 7

Court awards 10-year imprisonment in fraud case

KARACHI: Accountability Court on Monday awarded 10 years imprisonment to two accused Abdul Jabbar, employee of National Bank of Pakistan, and owner of a shipping company Nasir Murad, and imposed a fine of Rs208 million on them for allegedly embezzling NBP funds.

Pronouncing the verdict, the judge said that both the convicts Abdul Jabbar and Nasir Murad were found guilty for misappropriation of Rs208 million in the NBP.

The judge said that both the convicts should undergo a 10-year term and pay an amount as fine equivalent to the amount they had misappropriated. In case of default they would have to undergo another two-year imprisonment, the verdict said.

Accused Abdul Jabbar used to work as a cashier at a booth of the NBP at Port Qasim branch, from where he was said to have misappropriated the money in connivance with the owner of Murad Shipping Agency, Nasir Murad.