Demo demands reinstitution of sacked cops

KARACHI: Instead of giving employment to people, the government has snatching sources of livelihood from people, and spreading unemployment, said Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh leader Haleem Adil Sheikh.

He was addressing to a protest demo of sacked policemen, formerly belonging to the Sindh Reserve police (SRP) who had gathered before the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here Tuesday demanding restoration of their jobs.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said it is strange that the same PPPP government first recruited these people and then removed them from their service. That was why these people have taken to streets for a long, demanding restoration of their jobs because they are the breadwinners of their families.

There is nobody in government serious enough to give attention to the voice of deprived people, said Adil. He said that it was the failure of state to grab livelihood from people. He said the PPP government had recruited these policemen and they performed duties for four years after completing their training and later they were sacked by the same regime.

Haleem said poor people are protesting for their fundamental rights but the Sindh government was not serious to address their problems. He asked from the Sindh government if it wanted these trained, but jobless policemen commit robberies to feed their children?

He alleged that Sindh government has also forced teachers and growers taking to streets. He demanded to restore the sacked cops immediately.