Demo held against triple murder in Mehar

KARACHI: The activists of Karachi Thinkers Forum (KTF) on Tuesday held a protest demonstration outside Karachi Press Club (KPC) against the killing of three family members of Chandio in Mehar town, Dadu district few days back.

The KTF leaders, Elahi Bux Bikak, Sarman Mengal, Tariq Khaskheli, and Naeem Khoso, along with a large number of people belonging to civil society and human rights organizations, participated in the demonstration against the murder of three people, Karamullah Chandio, and his two sons Qabil Chandio and Mukhtiar Chandio, allegedly by culprits including Burhan Khan Chandio who is stated to be brother of MPA Sardar Ahmed Chandio of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP).

The protest was attended by National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) leader Shireen, Asad Butt and Chairman of Sindh National Party (SNP) Chairman, Ameer Bhanhburo, and others.

The protesters, carrying placards, banners and the victim’s pictures, chanted slogans against the feudalism, and murder of three people. Speaking on the occasion, KTF organizer Sarman Mengal said that there was no law and justice in the country as people are being killed by feudal lords who have political support in Sindh.

He alleged that three family members of Chandio community were killed by Burhan Chandio along with his accomplices on 17th January 2018 but no arrest was made so far.

Mengal said that police was reluctant to arrest the culprits as they had political support. He claimed that Mukhtiar Chandio had formed a Chandia Tamandar Council for the social welfare of people and helped them to get rid of feudalism which resulted in loss of three lives. SNP Chairman Ameer Bhanbhro said that Sindh had been facing several problems for long time due to the interference of feudalists.

Shireen condemned the killing of three family members and asked Sindh government to arrest culprits as soon as possible. Elahi Bux Bikak said that the incident took place at the resident of Karamullah Chandio when Burhan Chandio along with his accomplices attacked and opened indiscriminate firing on them in which Karamullah Chandio, Qabil Chandio and Mukhtiar Chandio were killed on the spot.

He asked IGP Sindh AD Khowaja, Sindh High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of this incident. Bikak said the victim family had registered First Information Report (FIR) against Burhan Chandio, Sardar Chandio, Murtaza Chandio, Sikandar Chandio, Zulfiqar Chandio but none of them was arrested yet.

The protesters demanded that a joint investigation team should be formed to provide justice to the affected family. However, Saddam Chandio, son of victim Mukhtiar Chandio told PPI that his father had formed Tamandar Chandia Council for the welfare of people and he always supported community people and helped them to get rid of facing problems of civic facilities.

Separately, Jamat Islami delegation led by Abdul Hafeez Bijarani condoled with affected family over the killing of th three family members.

Bijarani strongly condemned the incident and said that feudalism is behind such kind of act and it had clear that law and order situation in Sindh had turned worst.