Dipl: (Saudi views Pakistan as one of top destinations for investment)

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade Abdulrahman Alharbi has said that Saudi Arabia views Pakistan as one of the top destinations for making investments.

The statement was made at a meeting of Pak-Saudi Joint Working Group on Trade and Investment in Riyadh. Commerce Secretary Mohammad Younus Dagha headed Pakistan delegation at the two-day talks.

The two sides reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen bilateral trade and investment ties in line with the understandings developed during the meeting of Pak-Saudi Joint Ministerial Commission held in Islamabad last month.

During the meeting, the Saudi side acknowledged and appreciated Pakistan’s position as a preferred destination for investment in view of its macroeconomic indicators, growth projects, strategic location and overall investment regime.

Saudi officials showed their interest in investing in Pakistan in many sectors including petrochemicals, dairy, livestock, mining and others.

The two sides agreed to activate Pak-Saudi Joint Business Council within two months and that Pakistan will hold a single-country exhibition in Saudi Arabia this year.