(District): Demo on islands issue

Naundero: The activists of PPP-SB took out a large rally here on Friday morning from their office which after marching through various roads culminated at the local press club against the handing over two Islands to the federal government and presidential ordinance about taking over coastal areas.

The participants holding party flags and large placards were shouting slogans against federal and provincial government decisions regarding the islands. They also held a protest demo. Those who took part in the rally and protest include district president Zubair Jatoi, city president Salim Channa, Ghulam Rasul Umrani, Waryam Channa, Akbar Mangrio, Shahb Khan Shaikh, Ghulam Nabi Kolachi, Murtaza Mangnejo, Nisar Mirani and others.

The speakers said that coastal islands of Karachi are the property of the people of Sindh and occupation over them will be fully resisted. They demanded immediate withdrawal of the Ordinance.