DMC chairman orders cleanliness in Korangi

KARACHI: District Municipal Corporation (DMC) Korangi’s Chairman Syed Nayyar Raza has ordered officials to improve cleanliness conditions within the limits of Korangi.

He ordered this while presiding over a meeting with the representatives of the different union councils and department officials.

He directed officials to ensure cleanliness conditions and lift garbage from roads, bridges and streets. Nayyer instructed officials of municipal department to enhance cleanliness proceedings to maintain the beauty of area.

He directed the officials to carry out cleanliness arrangements on roads, bridges, flyovers, and streets in DMC remits as soon as possible and establish better atmosphere for the DMC people.

DMC Korangi was carrying out its duties satisfactorily, including lifting garbage from all areas so as to provide clean and beautiful atmosphere to public, he said.

He added that any negligence would not be tolerated in this regard, all departments should have to focus on public facilities.

Nayyer urged people to cooperate with DMC officials for the cleanliness and beautiful atmosphere.