Friday, January 27

DMC Korangi celebrates Pakistan Day

KARACHI:District Municipal Corporation (DMC) Korangi on Friday celebrated the Pakistan Day.

DMC Korangi Chairman Sayed Nayyer Raza inaugurated the celebrations in a school, where the students sang national songs, and paid tribute to Quaid-e-Azam Muhamad Ali Jinnah.

DMCS Korangi also celebrated the day in its head office where heads of departments and staff participated in the main program with zeal and fervour.

Speaking on the occasion, Nayyer said that this day is the success of our ideology. He said the nation pledges to make Pakistan as a great country of the world.

He said that the Pakistan Resolution was the milestone of the political struggle of great Muslim leaders of the Subcontinent who finally won a separate country for the Muslims.