Dog bite cases on the rise in Karachi

KARACHI: As many as 22,982 dog bite cases were reported throughout Karachi in 2017; however, Sindh Health Department has failed to establish anti-rabies vaccination centers in district-level healthcare facilities.

The dog bite cases were been reported in Rabies Centre of Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK), Anti-Rabies Clinic, Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), and Rabies Prevention Center Indus Hospital, Karachi.

Out of total 22,982 dog bite cases, 9,982 were reported in the CHK, 7500 in the JPMC and the 5500 in Indus Hospital.

The majority of dog bite cases were reported from slums areas of Ibrahim Hyderi, Surjani, North Karachi, New Karachi, Baldia, Orangi, Keamari, Mehmoodabad, Liaquatabad, Federal B Area and Golimar.

Children and elderly people generally became victims in dog bite cases.

Although the incidence of dog bites in Pakistan is very high but an estimated 2000-5000 rabies death occurs annually; however, these are unverified numbers provided by National Institutes of Health (NIH) over a decade ago.

In Karachi, three hospitals serve majority of dog bite victims Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC), Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK) and The Indus Hospital (TIH).

The rabies is a preventable disease transmitted to humans through the bite of infected animals. However, in Pakistan 99pc cases are caused by dog bite.

The Sindh health department and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) have miserably failed to launch comprehensive campaign against stray dogs.

The plan of Sindh government to introduce Anti-Rabies Vaccine in five hospitals of Karachi including Sindh Government Hospital Korangi, Sindh Government Hospital New Karachi, Sindh Government Hospital Ibrahim Haideri, Rural Health Center Gadap and Rural Health Center Malir has also to be materialized as yet.