Tuesday, January 31

ECP turning blind eye to breach of code: Haleem

Sukkur:Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) parliamentary leader in Sindh assembly has charged that the PPP government of Sindh has broken all records of violation of code of conduct in connection with the by-polls on NA-205 Ghotki, but the Election Commission of Pakistan has so far turned its blind eye to this sensitive issue.

He was addressing a crowded press conference in Sukkur Press Club here Sunday flanked by GDA leader Sardar Ghous Bux Khan Mahar, independent candidate on NA-205 Ahmed Ali Mahar and PTI MPA Dr Saeed Afridi.

Haleem Adil said Prime Minister Imran Khan had visited Ghotki just to offer condolence but even then the ECP had issued how-cause notice. He claimed Sindh chief minister Murad Ali Shah along with his cabinet members is running election campaigning of the PPP candidate in Ghotki but the ECP so far seems totally silent.

He said the PTI this time also has not fielded any candidate on NA-205, and it is supporting the independent candidate Ahmed Ali Khan Mahar. He said just for one seat whole PPP government and leadership is in Ghotki to stage rallies, and the government work is virtually suspended to run this election campaigning.

He said only Asif Zardari and Faryal Talpur are not here as they are under arrest. He wondered that they should have also been summoned on parole to support the PPP candidate.

Haleem Adil said that the PPP staged a rally against price hike but the PPP candidate and chief minister were standing on same truck leading the rally. He asked why such rallies are not being staged against spread of AIDS in Ratodero and death of children in Thar.

He alleged the PPP candidate has already been disqualified as he has not mentioned criminal cases against him in his nomination papers, and also illegal occupation of 2000 acres of the land of federal government. He said officers are transferred when they initiate inquiry in this land grabbing case. He charged that deputy commissioner of Ghotki has become a slave of the PPP.

He said the rally of Sukkur was a flop show. He recalled when Faryal Talpur was arrested hardly half a dozen women of the PPP had come out to protest. He said such was also the case when Asif Zardari was arrested. He claimed that some five candidates are waiting for the slot of Sindh chief minister due to inner grouping in the PPP. He said for last decade corrupt people have ruled Sindh and hundreds of billions of rupees have already been embezzled. He said corruption of billions of rupees is also made in zakat funds and Benazir Youth Program. He demanded of the ECP to take notice of violations of code in Ghokti by-polls.

Sardar Ghous Bux Khan Mahar said the PPP government of Sindh is running the election campaigning of their candidate. He said for last five days whole Sindh government and PPP leadership is in Ghotki. He said we are supporting a young independent candidate.

Independent candidate Ahmed Ali Mahar said that the PPP candidate even went to file his nomination papers in government protocol. He said voters are being harassed by the PPP government and by-polls should be held under supervision of army.